A New Kind of Christmas Tradition: Explaining the Nest Activity


A Nest for the Savior: An Interactive Christmas Tradition is a children’s book kids will love, but it’s ALSO a hands-on activity even adults will enjoy. The Activity Guide included with every book shows kids how to use the 12 symbolic materials Sadie uses in the story to build Jesus a nest and fill the manger in preparation for Christmas.

As they add each element, they read a short, simple lesson, which shows them why that element points to Jesus and WHY He is worth celebrating!


You can use anything around the house! Maybe I’m a lazy mom, but even though I love all the perfect ideas on pinterest, I can never seem to get my stuff together to get everything done around the holidays.

BUT with A Nest for the Savior, you don’t need much.

Don’t have wool lying around the house? Use cotton balls! Don’t have cotton balls? Send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the house to pick something soft that reminds them of wool. If you have to, have them cut white paper in the shape of fluffy clouds instead. Easy. Done. If it’s easier for you, purchase the Nest Activity Kit, and you’ll get everything you need included.

When kids add wool to their nest, they learn about Jesus, who is The Good Shepherd and the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. They also learn that His birth isn’t the only thing we celebrate on Christmas. We also celebrate the fact that He was willing to die in our place and that He is alive, and we can live forever with Him if we believe.

As you prepare for the holiday season, please share A Nest for the Savior with a child (or children) you love this year!

Pre-order your copy today!


The BestNester created A Nest for the Savior to show kids how Christmas connects with the Cross.

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