A Nest for the Savior Hardcover Children’s Book



A Nest for the Savior is more than a book – it’s a Christmas tradition that teaches children about the best adventure of all – following Jesus.

A Nest for the Savior tells the story of Sadie, an ordinary sparrow named who is given an extraordinary opportunity when an angel’s trumpet blasts her from her nest. She hears the angel’s message that the Savior has been born, and she races off to find Him before the shepherds. But when she finds Jesus, there’s a BIG problem. The manger is completely empty! “This is not a bed fit for a King!” Sadie says, and she sets off on a quest to build Him a nest, with the help of 11 animal friends. Along the way, Sadie makes a huge sacrifice and learns about the best adventure of all: following her Savior.

When you’re done reading the story, just flip the book over to find the Advent Activity Guide, which has step-by-step instructions to build your own nest for the Savior. Each of the 12 symbolic elements you’ll add to the nest reveal something different about Jesus’ love and God’s plan for our lives.

We hope A Nest for the Savior will become a Christmas tradition in your home for generations to come.


The BestNester created A Nest for the Savior to show kids how Christmas connects with the Cross.

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